• Industrial Cylinder & Wheel Brushes - Cylinder & Wheel Brushes

    We manufacture industrial cylinder and wheel brushes to your exact specification.

    Cylinder and wheel brushes are used in many industrial applications where continuous brushing action is required. From cleaning conveyors to washing fruits and vegetables, cylinder brushes are effective in applying coatings or removing debris from varied surfaces. Cylinder brushes are used in sorting and moving products.

    Bristles are affixed into holes drilled in the core or base. The core is usually made in one piece with an arbor hole to accommodate a shaft, or the core can be split and fastened together.

  • Industrial Cup and End Brush Category

    Similar to disk brushes, cup and end brushes are generally smaller and used for reaching into cracks, crevices or odd shaped spaces. End brushes excel where a small space must be worked on. We specialize in softer bristle cup and end brushes for polishing and cleaning.

  • Industrial Disk Brushes - Disk and End Brush

    Disk brushes are used when the brushing action is more effectively applied to a flat surface in a circular manner. They are used for activities as diverse as finishing, cleaning, moving materials, polishing and applying pressure. The rotation of a disk brush creates increasing action as the distance from the center toward the perimeter is increased.

  • Industrial Flat & Handle Brushes - Flat & Handle Brushes

    Platers Brushes and Lathe & Doff Brushes

    Hand held brushes are used for those hard-to-get-to areas. People often refer to them as toothbrush style, welders, platers or scratch brushes. Hand held brushes can be used for cleaning, scraping, deburring, finishing, removing static electricity, washing, spreading, dusting, detailing, prep work, sliding, applying and spot cleaning as well as other applications.

  • Industrial Special Brushes - Pill Sorter

    These brushes are designed for specific openings, slots, shapes and purposes. They may be tufted on opposite sides or at angles in many configurations. Uses are as varied as cardboard making, envelope feeders, cd case edge labelers, carpet tufting field, molded shoe production, pill packaging, mainframe computer tape drive cleaning, film powder coating and many other industrial applications. Every brush is carefully crafted, inspected and is guaranteed.

  • Tufted Strip and Plate Brushes - Tufted Strip Brush Multi Row

    We supply tufted strip brushes, produce replacement strip brushes and we produce cylinder brushes for a wide variety of uses, such as OEM replacement, new production and specific uses like pharmaceutical packaging machines. These tufted brushes can also be used for sorting, moving & positioning goods while reducing damage to products. They can also be used to generate conductive & non-conductive environments. Additional uses include cleaning and protecting the machinery used to make or convey products.


    Strip Brushes are narrow tufted brushes, while Plate Brushes are wider.


    When constructing tufted brushes, brush manufacturers generally employ one of three methods:

    1. Staple Set

    2. Epoxy Set

    3. Wire Drawn


    Cocker-Weber can customize a solution for your specific project or needs.