• Industrial Cylinder & Wheel Brushes - Cylinder & Wheel Brushes

    Cocker-Weber Industrial Brushes are made-to-order using your specifications. Length, arbor hole, filament density and diameter, all to your requirements. We produce Cylinder Brushes, Wheel Brushes, Flat and Curved Handle Brushes, Plate Brushes, Disk Brushes, Cup Brushes and other hard-to-categorize brushes. Our brushes are used in many industries, in many processes and are always made to the highest standards.

  • Jewelers Polishing Brushes - Assortment

    Polish faster with less effort and less labor. Use fewer brushes. Save time and money.

    We are the producer of the worlds finest lathe mounted polishing brushes. These brushes are used by jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, watchmakers, fine hardware manufacturers, artisans and workers of soft and precious metals. A large number of sizes and bristle lengths are available.

    Cocker-Weber manufactures two lines of jeweler's polishing wheel brushes. Our superior line contains the highest quality extra stiff Chungking bristle. These brushes are favored by craftsman and artisans. These are the most durable brushes outlasting all others, thus being the most cost efficient. The standard line uses good quality stiff Chungking bristle. Wheel brushes have a 1/4" diameter arbor hole.

    All brushes are made in America. We do not import brushes nor do we reliable brushes. We guarantee every brush we produce.

  • Standard Dental Wheel Brushes - 2

    Quality Dental Laboratory Brushes
    Working in a dental lab requires adherence to strict rules, particularly due to hygiene. Therefore, all of the equipment must also meet those standards and be of a superior caliber, and that rule includes dental laboratory brushes. When those in charge of stocking the lab are in search of dental laboratory brushes, they need to pay attention to an array of qualities. The longevity of the brushes is key. Dental experts want all of their brushes to last in excellent condition for as long as possible. Selecting brushes that are of a high quality, therefore, is imperative. Dental experts will know about the quality of certain materials used in dental brushes, but they also want to research how these brushes are put together. Those who are interested in purchasing the brushes should not only find out how long the brushes last, but also if they work well while they are on the job. Of course they want the assurance that the brushes are going to work for them as well. Therefore, they can look into a guarantee available from the supply shop. When people shop from an entity that provides a guarantee on their products, they can have peace of mind that they are going to get what they pay for. Cocker-Weber dental laboratory brushes are unconditionally guaranteed as to quality and longevity. They are the highest quality dental laboratory brushes available anywhere.

  • Contract Production - Caddy Brush

    Are you seeking production here in USA? We can drill, fill and trim brushes using your bases or cores. Private labeling is available. We can use your filament or provide filament for you. We can deliver to you, your packager or provide other options for you. Contact us with your custom requirements.