We supply replacement strip brushes and we produce cylinder brushes for pharmaceutical packaging machines, including C.E. King and others.
Unit of Measure

Standard Specifications

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

N/A machine-brushes

Brush Design

N/A Cylinder Strip

Industry Focus

N/A Pharmaceutical


N/A Machine

Minimum Width

N/A 1/4 in

Minimum Length

N/A 24 in

Maximum Width

N/A 18 in

Maximum Length

N/A 96 in

Brush Base and Fill Material Custom Options

Brush Base Material Options

N/A Plastics (Acetyl, Nylon, PVC, and UHMW) Hardwood Rubber Leather

Fill Material Options

N/A Synthetics (Nylon, Anti-Static Nylon, PVC, Polyethylene, and Styrene) Metals (Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel) Natural Fibers ( Chungking Bristle, White Boars Bristle, Horse Hair, Goat Hair, Tampico, and Other Animal Hairs)